Our company started in Saint Louis, Missouri as was known as USA HOMES, Inc. a licensed real estate brokerage operation and licensed general contractor. Our primary business was buying and selling HUD and VA repossessed homes, renovating them and reselling them to the public, today this business is known as “Flipping”.

Since those early years we have progressed from a buy/sell operation to building new homes and selling them, we also decided to change the name from USA HOMES to PROPERTY USA in 1980 when operations moved to Florida and corporate moved to Pennsylvania and that was about the same time we became licensed with the US Federal government to pursue “Disaster Area” work under the “FEMA” law enacted in 1979 under President Carter. Our first major contract was in 1988 when Hurricane Gilbert hit Jamaica. Our job was to build 5300 prefab homes in the USA and ship them to Kingston, Jamaica. From date of agreement by FEMA and Jamaica authorities allowed us three months to complete this project at which time the “Penalty Clauses” kicked in, we delivered the 5300 homes before 90 days.

That was our foray into the “Green” building system and we never abandoned that quest. Starting in 1990 we built our first “Nursing Home” as they were called then, in the Pocono Mountain area, today they are called ALF (Assisted Living Facility) and we moved all operations into Florida. Today we are examining five distinct parcels of land and should be under construction in late 2017.

Property USA, Inc. enables access and choice in seniors housing and care by providing the data and analytics that seniors, investors, and operators need to make informed decisions, and by facilitating the connections between these groups to benefit America’s elders.

Property USA, Inc. collects and reports timely quarterly and monthly data from seniors housing and care properties throughout the country through its Property USA, Inc. MAP® Data Service, featuring data products such as market fundamentals time series data on 140 metro markets, the seniors housing actual rates initiative, and the Skilled Nursing Data Report.

Our two annual events—the Fall Conference and the Spring Investment Forum—are the marquis networking opportunities of the seniors housing and care industry.

We help build homeless veterans’ homes.

We exist to raise awareness for our cause and bring change to the lives of those we serve in our community. With your help we can make a difference.


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