Building Green

To build green you gotta think green, so what do I mean? Well to begin with the word “Reusable” has to be part of your vocabulary when building GREEN and PROPERTY USA has been thinking GREEN for thirty five years (1982). And the success of our ZIPCRETE SYSTEM® was based on REUSABLES… our basic materials are:

1. Cement
2. Steel
3. EPS Expanded Polyurethane Styrofoam

Once we accomplished the GREEN technique we then went onto the SAVINGS aspect, or COST approach. Building with our system saves TIME, up to 70% less time to build, the SAVINGS are even more dramatic, and projects come in at 60-70% less than a standard building concept.

And the rest of the advantages came along with the system:

1. Hurricane Proof
2. Earthquake Proof
3. Termite Proof
4. Fire Proof
5. Sound Proof

And finally the energy efficiency… our system compared to others will bring down the cost of electricity by 75%, think about this when operations begin, a tremendous asset on the bottom line… keeping in mind the operator pays for all utilities.

“Experience Speaks a Different Language”

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